Our Plants

We leverage our multi-plant production structure distributed across northern and southern Europe for a more efficient managed logistical operation. We welcome your visit and are happy to open the doors of our production facilities.

Close to our customers

With the new production plant in Leuna on stream, we have strengthened our market presence, in line with an expansion strategy that brings us closer to our customers in the northern, central and southern European markets. Our annual production capacity has also increased to almost 20,000 tons.

Cesano Maderno (Italy)

Cesano Maderno is our historical plant. Today we produce in Cesano both BOPA (8.2 ktons/y) and CPA (6 ktons/y) films. The company’s headquarters are based here.



>14 ktons/y

Nominal BOPA & CPA production capacity



Leuna (Germany)

With this new investment DOMO Film Solutions is today the only multiplant nylon film producer in Europe, with a better proximity and ideal contingency plan for all our customers.



>5 ktons/y

Nominal BOPA production capacity