Sustainable nylon film

DOMO Film Solutions is fully committed to contribute to the whole supply chain sustainability targets. Making nylon film environmentally sustainable is the core of our multi-step strategy.

Our mission

We know that producing environmentally sustainable nylon film is an ambitious challenge. But we also know we can do it, one step at a time.
We have taken the first step with Nyleen™, the nylon film with low carbon footprint.
Step two is the Renylon project, the first-ever vertically recyclable nylon film.
Within our project pipeline we are aiming at the development of bio-based film solutions.

Our vision

We provide our customers with nylon film-based packaging solutions with ever-higher performance, enhanced functionality and a reduced environmental impact.

  • Continuously improving product features
  • Drastically reducing the environmental footprint
  • Making nylon film environmentally sustainable

Achieving sustainability

To achieve sustainability in our processes, we implement strategies to systematically reduce their environmental impact through:

  • Minimizing CO2 emissions
  • Managing water consumption
  • Getting closer to circularity by developing vertically recyclable (cradle-to-cradle) nylon film
  • Using an environmentally friendly energy mix

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Our first success on the road to environmental sustainability: the nylon film with the lowest CO2 emissions on the market today.

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Renylon Project

Another big stride towards an environmentally sustainable nylon film: this product is 100% vertically recyclable.

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Bio-based Films Project

We are also investigating key strategic partnerships with the aim of developing bio-based solutions.

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