Nyleen™ – the nylon film with low CO2 emission

July 1, 2019

As for making nylon film more and more sustainable, DOMO walks the talk with the launch of Nyleen™: the nylon film with low CO2 emission, thanks to the unique end-to-end integration (from benzene down to film extrusion) of our Leuna chemical site.

In particular, carbon and water footprints measured by our sustainability partner Quantis are the lowest worldwide, if compared to standard nylon film production data published by Ecoinvent 3.3.

The reasons of this sustainability leadership are the company’s upstream integration, proximity to customers and virtuous energy mix (based on renewable sources).

By using this film, flexible packaging converters and other users will be able to offer their clients solutions with a lower environmental impact.

Nylon film is more green, thanks to Nyleen.