Footprint Stories

Here, we share the real, practical actions that we are taking in systematic pursuit of our ultimate goal of producing environmentally sustainable nylon film.

Nyleen ™ – The intention is in the name, which speaks for itself.

With Nyleen™ we are at the beginning of a transition path: from NYLON Film to NYLEEN ™ Film; from “grey” nylon film to “green” nylon film.

DOMO & CEFLEX together at K-2019

DOMO Film Solutions (DFS) and CEFLEX together at K for a joint presentation about circular economy in flexible packaging. DOMO Chemicals K-2019 booth A43 - Hall5 (Oct 17th – 10:45).

Through Ceflex, we join the Circular Plastics Alliance.

One giant step towards a plastics circular economy. Through its membership of Ceflex, DOMO Chemicals has joined 100 other private and public partners in the Circular Plastics Alliance, committed to a 10 million ton plastic recycling target in Europe by 2025. Our sustainability roadmap sets out how we are increasing our use of plastic waste […]

DOMO Film Solutions at FachPack 2019, as Sustainability Awards Gold Sponsor

The Sustainability Awards is the most serious, rigorous and prestigious international competition for sustainability in packaging. Throughout this year, DOMO Film Solutions is sponsoring this initiative at the same time illustrating its sustainable projects to all flexible packaging converters using either BOPA and/or CPA in their processes and looking for lower environmental impact and more recyclable Nylon films.

A shared path towards circularity

We are a member of CEFLEX – the consortium where companies, associations and organizations from the flexible-packaging segment work together to design and develop increasingly effective system solutions to improve the performance of the European circular economy.

Nyleen™ – the nylon film with low CO2 emission

Our new nylon film is the result of a redesigned production process aimed at minimizing our carbon footprint. It was our first big tangible step towards environmental sustainability.