We have been producing high-quality nylon film since 1976. Today, as part of DOMO Chemicals, we are doing it even better. Tomorrow, our offering will centre on increasingly sustainable innovative solutions.

Our story began in the early 70’ under the name CAFFARO.

For several years the company was part of the Italian SNIA Group, whose interests included PA6 polymer production.

Over the years, we have specialized in BOPA film production, becoming pioneers in the use of the Japanese “double-bubble” extrusion technology. In 2002 the private equity Bridgepoint Capital acquired and renamed the company CFP Flexible Packaging S.p.A.”.

During those years we installed two new BOPA and two new CPA lines.

In 2014, following a long period of collaboration, we joined DOMO Chemicals Group, taking advantage of the synergies offered by an integrated production cycle to expand and innovate our product and service portfolio.


When the new BOPA plant in Germany came on stream in 2018, we consolidated our presence in the northern-European market to keep improving our logistical efficiency for an even more reliable supply chain.
Now we produce nylon film with a reduced carbon footprint – with up to 28% less than a standard nylon film production.
Looking to the future, we will continue to address the risks associated with climate change and to develop strategic solutions that help reduce the environmental impact of our nylon film.



The milestones on our journey


We began producing nylon 6 film and PA6 polymers, for innovative flexible-packaging solutions.


We joined DOMO Chemicals Group, the only company with the capability to manage and control the full PA6 production supply chain, from benzene refining through to the finished product.


We built a new high-tech plant in Germany, boosting our BOPA film production capacity by 60%.